Join The Bike Cooperative for valuable access to CO-OPTICS, a benchmarking tool that combines retail management with rich benchmarking data. It’s the ‘crystal ball’ you’ve always needed.


Always Make the Smartest Decision for Your Store

CO-OPTICS offers the gut-check you’ve been looking for with insight into how you’re really doing as a retailer sourced directly from realtime CO-OP data.

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How it Works

Every bike store is a little different – but we all face the same competition and challenges. Exclusive benchmarking data from CO-OPTICS combines with the retail smarts of Retail Toolkit to give bike dealers the answers and the edge they need.

  • Whether you’re just starting your store, or thinking about selling it, improving its worth proves its worth to customers & investors alike by maximizing profit the smart way

  • “Where can I improve?” Take the guess-work out of strategic decisions with data that’s easy to access and co-op benchmarks that give you a target to work towards.

See Network Results

See how co-op members are performing across important retail metrics

See where you stand

Activate your data to benchmark yourself against the network

Get Smarter

Real-time results enable retail management at the next level

Put more butts on more bikes, with more data (the easy way)

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Tips & Resources for Bicycle Retailers

With more retail competition than ever before, bike dealers across the country need to cooperate and get creative to prepare for 2020, 2025, and beyond. From data tools and training resources to consumer financing geared to give your sales team an edge – The Bike Cooperative brings together the scale of America’s bike shops to help them do more. Find resources and tips on all of these area in The Bike Cooperative’s blog

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