Training with The MANN Group

Give your store an edge where it matters most: your people. Co-op members gain exclusive, discounted access to specialty retail training that blends the success of The MANN Group’s G.E.A.R. training with data insights from Retail Toolkit.

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve trained thousands of retailers using GEAR, who on average claim a topline sales increase of 17% (make that number 35%, depending on implementation). Those statistics validate the words we’ve always said: GEAR is a training unlike anything else.”

Dan Mann, President, The MANN Group

More about Co-op exclusive GEAR Training

The Mann Group has been a staple in the bicycle industry for 15 years for their dynamic ability to change how retailers train their staff and run their business.  GEAR training focuses on developing the staff’s ability to engage with the customers on a level that builds relationships, earns trust, and wins repeat customers. 

With the data magic of RetailToolkit combined with the training and tactics of The Mann Group, members of The Bike Cooperative gain invaluable insights to modernize in a way that’s equally meaningful and actionable.