Refer a Retailer To Join The Bike Cooperative And Make Extra Cash!

All you have to do is review the info below so you can give a high level overview to retailers of what The Bike Cooperative is, refer the retailer using the form below, and complete a short W-9 once the retailer joins and their first month's dues are paid. 

There is no limit on the # of retailers you can refer. Retailers that are referred should be businesses that have been established for a minimum of two years. Referrals of retailers that are already members of The Bike Cooperative will not qualify.

What is The Bike Cooperative? 

The Bike Cooperative (aka TBC, aka The Co-op) is the only cooperative of bicycle retailers in the United States. A cooperative is a powerful business model that leverages independent business by harnessing their buying power to ensure their success. There is power in numbers. The Bike Co-op uses this combined buying power to negotiate lower rates to retailers on everything from credit card processing, consumer financing, marketing, shipping, cell phone service, office supplies and much more. 

Co-op members also earn $ back on product they buy through the Co-op's Preferred Supplier Partners.  Why you ask? Co-ops take scattered retailers and organize them into more efficient buying groups. This concentrated business provides growth opportunities for suppliers, which in turn translates into better offers for the retailers due to the economies of scale.

Why Would a Retailer Join The Bike Cooperative? 

Simple - their business can make a larger profit immediately.  Retailers save thousands per year through The Co-op's cost savings programs and make thousands with our marketing and consumer financing programs.  The results equate to a better paid staff, more loyal customers, and a stronger business for years to come.

What Is The Investment To Become A Member of The Bike Cooperative? 

There is a one time $250 stock purchase that is fully refundable should the retailer leave The Co-op. Monthly member dues are $299 per main location and $149 per branch location.  Those dues are adjusted to be higher during the busy selling season and lower during the slower season.

How do I Get Paid? 

Easy, fill out the brief online form below each time you refer a retailer. Once the retailer joins and has paid their first months dues, we will contact you to complete a short W-9.  We will then send you a check for $300! 

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