What Our Members Have To Say...

Farina's Bike Shop co-owner Paula Farina explains how The Bike Cooperative has helped make Farina's a better bicycle retailer.

Other Member Testimonials

About The Bike Cooperative In General...

"The Bike Cooperative has had a very positive impact on our business. I strongly believe that if you use the programs and work closely with your member service rep, you can improve many aspects of your shop."

Kamp Kirsch, Two Wheeler Dealer Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls, SD)

“A group of retailers coming together to support and improve their fellow retailers, offering us purchasing power and programs that we could not accomplish on our own.” 

Jeff Milbauer, Valley Bike & Ski (Apple Valley, MN)

“Because of TBC programs, Cheryl and I have more time for our family, staff has a higher quality of life, and our store is giving back to the community. The Bike Cooperative is the real deal. They have been where we are going." 

Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

"Great people who are genuinely interested in your business, nice rebates for products I already purchase and love to sell, and an automated rewards program that keeps me in touch with my best customers.  Well worth the cost of membership."

James Rardin, CentriPEDAL Bikes LLC (Fremont, CA)

“We have been partners with the Bike Co-op since 2008.  We have initiated many of their programs over the years.  It is hard to narrow down one program as the best.  We use the direct mail program, GE financing and the customer rewards program.  These strategies have enabled us to give our customers more value when shopping at our stores.”

Kris McLain, McLain Cycle & Fitness (Traverse City, MI) 

“The Co-op has provided my smaller company with access to services that would normally take significant time to acquire and administer.  These services push us ahead of our competition and help us to perform at a higher level.”

Christian Janssens, Latitude 45 (Petoskey, MI) 

About Marketing…

"The Co-op's diverse selection of marketing programs has saved us the time and money of sourcing those services individually. The Ride Club loyalty program has been great for creating loyal customers who spend even more on their return visits."

Sheri Mann, Summit City Bicycles & Fitness (Fort Wayne, IN) 

"Ride Club has been a great way for us to avoid discounts yet still reward our good customers, and The Co-op's Great American Bike Fest event really takes a lot of the headache out of having a big spring sale."

Kamp Kirsch, Two Wheeler Dealer Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls, SD)

“Working with the Co-op on our Holiday Mailer was great!  The staff was easy to work with and helpful in getting bright, crisp images as well as text that suited our brand.  They made it easy for us to customize our mailer so we met our deadline.  We hope to repeat the success of our Holiday Sales event for years to come!”

Dottie Jessup, Chainwheel Drive (Clearwater, FL)

“This year we used the TBC mailer power buy and e-mails as our only advertising, the result - an increase of 87% in sales.”

Don Podolski, New Horizons Bikes (Westfield, MA)

“TBC marketing has catapulted our store up to the level of unbelievable sophistication, and we now utilize the marketing tools to bring more customers in the door every month.”

Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

“Ride Club Incredibly successful marketing tool that builds customer loyalty.  Easy to implement and track results.  I would highly recommend this program!”

Paula Farina, Farina’s {Watertown, MA) 

“The Ride Club program has significantly improved our ability to be consistent about rewarding customers and re-engaging them to continue to shop with us. The direct mail program for sales events and special offers have also streamlined our process and significantly reduced costs. The quality of the printing is top notch and the service is also fantastic. We participated in the holiday program, which resulted in one of the strongest holiday seasons we have ever had.  The surveys are also a great tool for feedback and staff training. We switched to the Co-op's email platform, which also greatly reduced our costs. The platform is easy to use and customize. The post campaign diagnostics are excellent tools to analyze the success of your campaign and the impact of the content. The staff of the Co-op are knowledgeable, motivated, and dedicated to the industry - also appear to be very invested with our success.”

Deborah Bernard, Belmont Wheelworks, (Belmont, MA)

"We are getting an amazing response from the Ride Club emails – we have a TON of people coming in with their coupons."

Vanessa McCracken, Sunnyside Bicycles (Fresno, CA)

"We are very impressed with The Bike Cooperative's Ride Club Customer Loyalty Program. We used to have a hand-written customer thank-you program, which was time- and labor-intensive. The Ride Club program is professional-looking and able to be customized with our messaging. We're now playing in the big leagues, using email and direct mail communications to contact our customer base. The look of the pieces we're distributing makes us professional enough to compete not only with other bike shops but with larger retailers; we're capturing our customer's discretionary income away from the sporting goods shops,  electronic chains, and other retail venues. The TBC Ride Club is obviously a time saver. We'll be looking to implement the rewards  portion of the program over this coming Winter. The Ride Club program is just one more reason why TBC is so forward-thinking. "

Rick Gurney, Plano Cycling (Plano, TX)

"One of the best things we’ve done in the past 12 months to improve our business was launch the Ride Club Rewards program.  With this we have been able to completely eliminate upfront discounts. This has had a huge positive impact on our gross profit margin."

Rob Koleser, Marty’s Reliable (Randolph, NJ)

About Consumer Financing...

“The Freedom To Ride financing program has been a huge success for our stores, increasing our sales and average ticket amounts."

Steve Beheler, Spokes Etc. (Vienna, VA)

"Financing has put my store into a new orbit! Financing used to be a defensive strategy to salvage a lost sale. Now it is an every day, every customer sales tool that maximizes sales tickets, while allowing a customer to purchase exactly the right product for their needs. The Bike Cooperative's Freedom to Ride card encourages repeat business that is exclusive to my store. This fosters a sense of loyalty with our customers. I can't imagine my business without financing; it is simple and fast to use, and has put our business on the same playing field as other retail sectors." 

Randy Clark, BGI (Indianapolis, IN)

“The Freedom to Ride Financing program through The Bike Cooperative is a great way to increase sales and gain satisfied return customers.  Unlike the Brand financing offered, customers get a card that is specific to our store, and the rates are lower.  This program is simple to use for our busy staff and helps us obtain sales we would normally not get without the financing.” 

Heather Rutledge, AJ's Bikes (Valrico, FL)

“Having 12 month financing has increased our units per transaction and overall average ticket amount.  The financing allows the customer the comfort of making the purchase today and having plenty of time to pay it off.  It also generates repeat customers since they now have a line of credit in our store with the Freedom To Ride Card  through The Bike Cooperative.  We always promote our financing in every flier and email that is sent to our customers.  In almost every other industry, retailers are offering the opportunity to “buy now and pay later”.  We did not want to miss out on this opportunity to help our customers and increase business as well!”

Nate Gernert, Summit City Bicycles (Wayne, IN)

“The savings from the Financing program goes a long way to paying all Bike Co-op dues.  Many other programs/savings are gravy.”

Paul Kozy, Kozy's Cyclery (Chicago, IL)

"Financing opens doors to more customers and typically increases the overall sale."

Kamp Kirsch, Two Wheeler Dealer Sioux Falls (Sioux Falls, SD)

"The Freedom to Ride credit program has been great for our business.  In the last year alone, we’ve done nearly $250,000 in financed sales.  Our customers love the flexibility and appreciate being able to get the bike and accessories that they really want!”

Vanessa McCracken, Sunnyside Bicycles (Fresno, CA)

“The financing buydowns really help out with big ticket items and larger sales totals.  Thanks to the Bike Co-Op we were offering special 12 and 18 month financing before any other shop in town.”

Drew Jordan, Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse (Augusta, GA) 

“One of the most useful tools of the co-op is the partnership with coordinating financing options with Synchrony Financial. Allowing us to highlight buy down time-frames is both advantageous for our shop and our customers. We save some percentage on credit transactions, and our customers are able to make solid investment choices that allow them to make their wishes a reality.”

Tim Mendoza, Plano Cycling & Fitness (Plano, TX) 

About Extended Protection Plans…

“Another program the co-op provides that we participate in is the Keep It Rolling (Extended Warranty) program. This aid allows our riders a bit more piece of mind when out and about. If something was to fail, they can be assured that they will be taken care of.  Having a bit of extra added to the bottom line is always a plus as well!

Tim Mendoza, Plano Cycling & Fitness (Plano, TX)