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The Bike Cooperative's mission is to make your business more profitable. With our industry-leading Marketing, Operations and Product Rebate programs for bike shops, you will make higher margin sales, increase profits, and have more time to get out and enjoy life.

"I can conservatively say that we have added over $15,000 to our bottom line because of the credit card rates we get from the Co-op."

Alan Davis, Princeton Sports (Baltimore, MD)

“The Co-op’s direct mail program is a great way for us to reconnect with our customer base and remind them that we are a great option for their cycling needs as they prepare for the upcoming summer season."

Christian Janssens, Latitude 45 (Petoskey, MI)

"The Bike Cooperative’s 12 month financing has increased our units per transaction and overall average ticket amount. The Freedom to Ride Card allows the customer the comfort of making the purchase today and having plenty of time to pay it off. It also generates repeat customers since they now have a line of credit in our store."

Nate Gernert, Summit City Bicylces & Fitness (Fort Wayne, IN)