Email Marketing for Bike Stores

The Bike Cooperative offers a very affordable, creatively flexible email marketing solution for bike shops. You can create customized emails and send them out to your customers whenever you please at extremely cost-effective rates.

Here are just a few of the custom email platform’s many features:

  • Choose from hundreds of smartly designed, inbox-friendly, mobile-ready templates.
  • A slick drag-and-drop editing experience that makes it easy and fun to create great email campaigns.
  • Social sharing to easily post your emails to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Google analytics integration that enable you to track visitors to your website who arrived there from your emails.
  • Libraries to store your images and content.
  • Send surveys to your customers and track their responses.
  • Complete campaign tracking - do side-by-side response rate comparisons of your campaigns.
  • Easily add email addresses manually or via an import.

The Co-op's Custom Email program is extremely cost-effective. You pay on a per-email basis that is based on the size of your email list, rates start at just one penny per email and drop to as low as one-third of one cent! Plus, there are no monthly minimums - if you don’t send out an email in a given month, you pay nothing.

Nate Gernert, Summit City Bicycles & Fitness (Fort Wayne, IN)

"We have benefited greatly by using the custom email program. It is very easy to set up and manage communications and contact lists. And it is a lot less expensive and easier to use than other programs like Constant Contact."