American Express & Credit Card Processing

How often do you get solicited by companies who say they can offer you the lowest rate for credit card processing?  Too often, right?  That’s just one reason why Bike Cooperative members utilize our credit card processing program. We hear time and again from members who tell us they no longer have to take credit card solicitations, because they know the rate they’re getting through the Co-op has been negotiated on behalf of over 300 retail locations. 

Bike Co-op members save an average of over $3,800 a year processing Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with negotiated low rates. Plus, they don’t have to worry about any hidden fees – no “per transaction” fees, no “processing” fees, and no “charge back” fees. Next time you get a call from a credit card processor quoting you a lower rate, be sure to ask them about these other fees. 

Please note: AMEX is separate from our credit card processing program which means you do not have to switch processors to use our negotiated AMEX program.

Alan Davis, Princeton Sports (Baltimore, MD)

"I can conservatively say that we have added over $15,000 to our bottom line because of the credit card rates we get from the Co-op."