Extended Protection Plans

Are you making enough profit on your bike sales?  You can ensure that you do with The Bike Cooperative’s Keep It Rolling Protection Plan (KPP).  KPP is an extended protection plan for bicycles that gives your customers piece-of-mind and makes you more margin dollars on your new bike sales.  Available in 3 or 5-year increments, KPP extends the manufacturers’ warranties to cover parts that fail to live up to normal expectations. KPP enables you to establish a high-margin profit center with no inventory expense, while building service and repair loyalty with your customers.  

Additional KPP benefits:

  • Available exclusively to Bike Co-op members.
  • KPP’s can be sold on ALL bike brands.
  • Coverage includes parts, accessories, and upgrades that are added to the bike on the day of sale.
  • Price the plans at your discretion. Co-op members average more than 53% gross margin on these plans with no inventory expense!
  • Get paid for parts and labor on claims.