Other Savings Opportunities

The Bike Cooperative has negotiated many additional business savings solutions specifically for its members. These programs are designed to provide you with services and products at prices negotiated with the buying power of more than 2,800 fellow CCA Global Partners stores. CCA Global Partners is the parent company of The Bike Cooperative and is the key to our low rates on credit card processing, AMEX, consumer financing, and more.   

Members of The Bike Cooperative also save big in other areas of their business including:

  • Payroll Processing - Co-op members save up to 25% off standard ADP rates.
  • Sprint Wireless Services - 19% off most rate plans.
  • National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) - 50% off your NBDA member dues.
  • Staples Office Supplies - Minimum 12% off standard items and 40% - 70% off the "Top 300 Contracted Items" list!
  • Business Insurance – the Co-op has a partnership with an agency that focuses on insuring bike, ski, and outdoor retailers. The program includes a risk management program providing training, waivers, and expertise.
  • Uniforms and Facility Services - 20%-40% off uniform rentals & leases.