Training For Bicycle Retailers

The Bike Cooperative offers a number of diverse training solutions for bike shop owners and salespeople that are designed to improve your sales performance and your profitability. Bike Co-op Training offerings include:

  • In Store GEAR Training - $1,000 discount on this proven method of increasing sales revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Principles of Success (Best Practices) - online listing and description of over 50 Best Practices used by highly profitable TBC members and other top performing retailers.
  • Gluskin Townley Group Webinars - 20% discount. Topics included Hiring Smart, Operational Excellence, Service Department Management, and more.
  • Ongoing Free Webinars – Periodic webinars or conference calls for members discussing various topics such as How to Better Serve the Women’s Market, Best Practices to Attract a Changing Consumer, and more.