For Suppliers

If you’re a supplier in the bike industry that’s trying to grow sales through the IBD channel, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions at one time or another:

  1. How can I get my products in more of America’s Best Bike Shops?
  2. How can I prevent my products from getting squeezed off my existing retailers’ sales floors by other suppliers?
  3. Is my communications strategy efficient and effective?
  4. Are the dollars that I’m spending in trade advertising generating meaningful orders from retailers?

How The Bike Cooperative Can Help Your Brand

As the only retailer co-op in the US bicycle industry with combined sales of over $230 million, The Bike Cooperative can help your brand thrive in this increasingly competitive environment.  Our Preferred Supplier Partners pay a small rebate that gets distributed back to Co-op members and also helps fund programs that make IBD’s more successful.

In exchange for that rebate, our Preferred Supplier Partners receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to an audience of nearly 300 quality retailers, many who’ve been named to the America’s Best Bike Shop list.
  2. A large network of stores who are actively interested in supporting brands that support IBDs and The Bike Cooperative.
  3. Real return on your marketing investment.  Since you only pay rebate on purchases, it’s a great way to retain existing business while offering substantial opportunity for incremental growth. Our rebate model is considerably more cost-effective and measurable than traditional advertising that you’re paying for.  
  4. More exposure, more efficiently.  With The Bike Co-op’s weekly e-newsletter, member website, and dedicated member services reps, we have multiple methods to communicate your brand and sales messages to members on your behalf, saving you time and resources.

Smart, world-class brands like Yakima, Tifosi Optics, Osprey, and Sigma have taken advantage of the concentrated business and sales growth that The Bike Cooperative represents to retain existing business and add new quality retail accounts.

Interested in Becoming a Preferred Supplier Partner of The Bike Cooperative?

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