Control Your Future

Giving Retailers The Tools To Succeed…On Their Terms

The Bike Cooperative strongly supports the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent bike retailer and the positive contribution bike shops make to their local communities with respect to advocacy, charity and the promotion of healthier lifestyles. We believe that local bike stores are truly the heart and soul of the bike industry.

But the industry is evolving rapidly, and independent bicycle retailers are facing more challenges than ever before. The Bike Cooperative not only helps bike stores survive but thrive in this changing landscape, and do it on their terms.

How? The beauty of a co-op model is that the collective force of individuals gives the group its power, and in turn that power makes the individual stronger. The Bike Cooperative’s economies of scale level the playing field for bike retailers, giving them the tools they need to compete more effectively and improve their profitability.

As the only retailer cooperative in the U.S. bike industry, Bike Cooperative members have a voice, shaping the direction of the group. The management team of the Bike Cooperative is guided by our annual member survey and the Co-op’s member board of directors and advisory council – no major strategic decision is made without their input. Member feedback is instrumental in driving the development of new programs and the enhancements that are made to existing programs. 

Now more than ever, a retailer co-op can be an extremely positive force in the bicycle industry. If you want to be part of something greater than yourself that can affect positive change in the industry while helping you become more successful, contact The Bike Cooperative today.

Joe & Cheryl Russell, Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

"Because of TBC programs, Cheryl and I have more time for our family, staff has a higher quality of life, and our store is giving back to the community.  The Bike Cooperative is the real deal - they have been where we are going."