What Is A Co-op?

The Bike Cooperative is the only retailer cooperative in the U.S. bicycle industry. Many people ask us, "so what exactly is a co-op"? A cooperative is an organization, owned by its members, that provides greater efficiencies and economies of scale to the individuals or organizations that it represents. A co-op is not a union. It is a corporation owned by its members. While each member of a co-op may have unique needs, the co-op's job is to identify common areas where an impact can be made.

The collective power of the group brings strength to the individual.

Today, cooperatives are operating around the world in nearly every industry and sector. They represent a significant portion of the world economy and they are aligned with mankind’s highest ideas of democracy, environmental sustainability and increased income equality. Yet, despite their breadth, scale and contributions to society, cooperatives are not well understood or appreciated by the universal public.

The cooperative business model should be the way of the future. A greater understanding of the cooperative business model will help current cooperatives succeed and boost the creation of new cooperatives. A shift to more cooperatives around the world will bring power back to local communities, significantly reduce the number of people living in poverty, and help protect our environment and natural resources.

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