What We Do For Retailers

The Bike Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative of over 300 independent bicycle retail locations across the U.S. Our mission from day one has been to help successful bike stores become more profitable and enable them to get more people on bikes in their communities.  

Since 2003 (the group started in 2003 as The Biking Solution prior to becoming a co-op in 2008) we’ve identified common needs of our members and leveraged the power of the group to maximize efficiencies and profit for their individual businesses.

High-Impact Programs That Get Results

By using our combined resources, we are able to provide high-impact solutions that improve bicycle retailers’ bottom lines and make them more efficient.  The Bike Co-op offers an extensive list of programs and services to help bike shops in just about every facet of their business, including:

Our programs are designed so that members don’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel to get going. Whether it’s providing customizable creative templates or developing an automated customer follow-up and rewards platform, we take care of the “heavy lifting” and build the program infrastructure so that members can simply execute. And if they need assistance with that, their membership gives them access to a phenomenal member services, marketing and administrative team that is focused on helping them succeed.

Keeping the “I” in “IBD”

While members share many common needs, each of their businesses is unique in its own right. This is why all of the solutions that we offer are optional – members choose the programs that are best for their respective businesses. We leverage our economies of scale to help bike stores improve their profitability, but not at the expense of their independence. The Bike Cooperative supports the store's brand, and enables retailers to hold on to their independence, not take it away.  

Delivering More Than Just Savings

Through our combined size and scale, Bike Cooperative members save a lot of money on their costs of doing business. But for many members, that’s not the only reason they join – we deliver value in a number of ways. Whether its programs that drive traffic, assistance with marketing strategy, time savings that allow you to ride more often, or opportunities to network with other great retailers, The Bike Cooperative can make even the best bicycle retailers better.

Work smarter. Play harder. Go farther. Contact us today to see if membership is right for you. 

“I can’t thank The Bike Co-op enough. They have really helped us to become more professional in our business and our day-to-day operations, and the staff couldn’t be any more helpful with helping us become better marketers, salespeople and just a better shop overall.”

Paula Farina, Farina's Bike Shop (Watertown, MA)