Social Media Marketing For Bike Shops

The Bike Cooperative offers exclusive social media marketing solutions for bicycle retailers that will engage your followers and target your audience more effectively.

Keep Your Social Media Content Fresh With One Stop Social

You know that it’s important to post engaging content on your Facebook and Twitter accounts consistently. But keeping up with it while coming up with something interesting to say is easier said than done when you’re crazy busy or understaffed.

Through The Bike Co-op’s One Stop Social Media content program for bike shops, we do the work for you, providing original content with general tips, articles and more that you can automatically post to your store’s social media accounts (or customize before posting). 

With One Stop Social you can:

  • Easily share messages on Facebook and Twitter, automatically.
  • Edit messages to give it your own unique spin.
  • Decide on which messages to share.
  • Be notified when new messages are available to share.

Effectively Target Customers And Grow Facebook Likes with Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns can be a highly effective, inexpensive way to target your message and grow your fan base. We will create, manage and optimize your ad campaigns to promote your offers, drive more people to your Facebook page. Campaigns can be tailored around contests, promotions, and more.

Budgeting is flexible - we will space out your ad spend according to your desired date range. Daily results are accessible through Facebook reporting, and as part of our analysis we will include suggestions and guidance to improve user interaction and conversion rates of your ad campaigns.