Co-op programs

The network provides products and services that are affordable and accessible because of the scale of the network.


Keeping the ‘I’ in IBD

While members share many common needs, each of their businesses is unique in its own right. This is why all of the solutions that we offer are optional – members choose the programs that are best for their respective businesses. We leverage our economies of scale to help bike stores improve their profitability, but not at the expense of their independence. The Bike Cooperative supports the store’s brand, and enables retailers to hold on to their independence, not take it away. 

Members benefit from high-impact programs

The Bike Co-op offers an extensive list of programs and services to help bike shops in just about every facet of their business. 

Co-op Business Consultants

From day 1 of membership, TBC business consultants become every member’s one-stop guide to each growth, marketing, and profitability tool membership grants you access to. Every shop is different – and we’ve worked with hundreds of IBDs. So when your shop needs a boost, we’re just a call (or email) away to help your co-op help you.  

Make more profit more efficiently with Retail Toolkit & exclusive co-op features that ensure you always make the smart decision for your store

Easily set up hassle-free rewards programs that are flexible, simple to manage and even easier to measure

Access members-only pricing, the lowest prices in the industry, to send highly targeted, fully-customizable communications

Regional network training events available in partnership with Mann University, and store training discounts

Offer private label credit cards to customers looking for monthly payment options at exclusive, competitive rates  

Allow customers to ride worry-free by offering extended coverage plans beyond manufacturer warranty

Access competitive, member-only rates for credit card processing and extended protection plans

Save on payroll processing, facility maintenance, fuel cards, office supplies, laundry services, and more

Online review management

Coming soon! Good reviews & online reputation management is critical for modern retailers. Make the task easy with our exclusive co-op program.

“Because of TBC programs, Cheryl and I have more time for our family, staff has a higher quality of life, and our store is giving back to the community. The Bike Cooperative is the real deal. They have been where we are going.” 

Joe & Cheryl Russell
Russell's Cycling & Fitness (Washington, IL)

“The Co-op has provided my smaller company with access to services that would normally take significant time to acquire and administer.  These services push us ahead of our competition and help us to perform at a higher level.”

Christian Janssens
Latitude 45 (Petoskey, MI)

Growing more than just savings

Through our combined size and scale, Bike Cooperative members save a lot of money on their costs of doing business. But for many members, that’s not the only reason they join – we deliver value in a number of ways. Whether its programs that drive traffic, assistance with marketing strategy, time savings that allow you to ride more often, or opportunities to network with other great retailers, The Bike Cooperative can make even the best bicycle retailers better.

Ready to learn more about membership?

If you’re an independent retailer looking to become more profitable, grow your business, and gain more control of your future, now is the time to join The Bike Cooperative.