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Hiring in the bike industry can be tough. It’s challenging enough to find high-quality candidates in the high-turnover retail industry. Add the seasonal nature of a bike store into the mix, and onboarding and retaining employees can be really difficult.

We get it. That’s why The Bike Cooperative offers every member hiring and HR solutions that simplify it all.

What’s included? 

When it comes to hiring & HR, our members stay ahead of the pack!

From writing compelling job descriptions and managing applications, to onboarding candidates and scoring the best deal on worker’s compensation — we’ve got you covered. Investing in your employees is essential to your success as a bike store owner – and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Post Jobs

Need to hire quickly? Industry-specific job templates make creating your post easy, with one-click distribution to top job boards across the web.

Save on HR and Payroll

Our network’s national scale gives members exclusive solutions from ADP for payroll processing, HR support, and workers comp that can save thousands every year.

Job Board

The best way to fill your position is to reach as many people as possible! Our Job Board automatically aggregates open positions into a single page for your website.

Manage Applicants

Ready to reduce hiring headaches? Our Applicant Tracking tool gives members one spot to easily manage your hiring workflow and communication.

It’s important to always be hiring

In 2015,


of those who did have jobs were searching for new ones or watching for openings.

(State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 2017)

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