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Members get direct support from a team of savings experts to cut costs and improve margins with pre-negotiated discounts on everyday overhead

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As part of CCA Global Partners’ network of cooperatives, members of The Bike Cooperative are connected to the purchasing power of over 1.1 million businesses (and counting). Take advantage of pre-negotiated pricing on the operational products and services that keep your local business going and growing, with a team of Savings Experts that make better margins a breeze.  

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Save time & money, while easily managing your fleet

Fleet Solutions

Improve your logistics capabilities with rented vehicles


Streamline wireless services and benefit from powerful business tools

Shipping & Freight

Whether you’re shipping small parcels or freight – members do it for less.


Enhance your business image with a full-service uniform program

Waste & Recycling

Streamline and save with trusted local vendors

“The Co-op has provided my smaller company with access to services that would normally take significant time to acquire and administer. These services push us ahead of our competition and help us to perform at a higher level.”

Christian Janssens, Latitude 45 (Petoskey, MI)