About us

What is The Bike Cooperative?

The Bike Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative of nearly 300 independent bike retail locations across the U.S. For over 15 years our mission has been simple: to empower local, independent bike retailers. 

But as time, trends, and technology continue to change the game for retailers, staying ahead of the pack  is anything but simple. That’s where The Bike Cooperative makes a difference, because every cyclist knows that riding together makes the journey easier. For members of The Bike Cooperative – the synergy is no different.

By joining together as individuals, we create scale that levels the playing field for IBDs to grow and thrive with modern tools, efficiencies, and a network that gives them an edge.

Local bike shops have a rich history in communities across America. The Bike Cooperative imagines a future where they stand as one to succeed as many, and envisions a network that empowers them to stand together as a force in the industry.  

Are you an independent bicycle dealer? Learn how riding together with other IBDs can give you the momentum to compete today, tomorrow, and for years to come.


What we do for retailers

Bike Co-op members have access to an extensive list of services to help them in just about every facet of their business. 

Help them make more money

We equip bike shops with the tools that help them keep more profit in the register while adapting to our changing industry.

Freedom to Ride consumer financing
Transactional savings
Keep It Rolling Protection Plan
Operational cost savings
Drive traffic to their stores

We offer a wide range of marketing solutions for bike retailers to increase market share and drive repeat business.

Retail Tools
Ride Club Rewards
Direct Mail
Learn from the best

The Bike Cooperative combines modern technology with industry leading training resources to give every member the tools they need to improve year over year.

…and more!

Get to know the team

Our team has decades of experience working in speciality retail, comprised of people who understand the challenges that local bicycle shops face. And we are here to help.

Meet the team

Ready to learn more about membership?

If you’re an independent retailer looking to become more profitable, grow your business, and gain more control of your future, now is the time to join The Bike Cooperative.