Keep it Rolling

Bicycle Protection Plans

Offer your customers the peace of mind of an extended service plan, and give your shop an extended relationship with your customers
(It’s a win/win) 

Exclusive Co-op Program

Keep your customers covered, from saddle to spokes

A bike is an investment and it should be no surprise that many customers are interested in the extra protection they can get from normal wear & tear. With the Keep it Rolling Protection Plan, members of The Bike Cooperative bolster their bottom line and keep customers happy at the same time.

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Keep it Rolling: Fast Facts


2 out of 3 customers have purchased a protection plan in the past for a specialty retail purchase


In the past 5 years alone, TBC members have sold over 13,000 plans totaling over $860,000 in pure profit


In the past 10 years, members have sold over 23,000 plans with over $1.5 million in profit

Why You Should Offer a Protection Plan

Improve your bottom line, add worry-free value, and generate happy service customers. With easy claim approval and all the help you need from the co-op, there’s really no downside…

1. It’s good for your bottom line

Your customers are already familiar with service contracts. From automobiles to smartphones – extended warranty plans are common, and many of your customers will be extremely curious about the ability to protect their investment when “new bike day” rolls around.

Gross profit margins for KPP average 50% or greater

2. It adds worry free value

Buying a bike is about riding it. The Keep it Rolling Protection Plan ensures hassle-free, worry-free enjoyment for every customer – which easily justifies purchasing the extended protection plan in the first place.

Even one major repair can justify the cost of the plan

3. It generates new service revenue

With Keep it Rolling, every single covered repair earns your shop revenue, including $45 per claim ($30/claim for drive-train only repairs), reimbursement for parts (cost +25%), and shipping. Extended coverage also gives your customers a convenient reason to choose your shop for service, rather than attempting a DIY repair.

Keep your service department busy with enthusiastic customers

Give Your Customers Another Reason to Return to Your Store with the Keep it Rolling Protection Plan

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At a Glance: what the Keep it Rolling Protection Plan Covers

Frequently Asked Questions About the Keep it Rolling Protection Plan

What does the plan cover

Coverage begins from the date the bike is purchased and continues for 5 years – it includes complete parts and labor (beyond manufacturer warranty’s coverage) for major parts and components on the bicycle. Common parts covered include: spokes, hubs, rims, chain wheels, crank arms, bottom brackets, brakes, drive trains, suspension, handlebars, and many other parts. For a full coverage list, contact the co-op today.

What doesn't the plan cover?

Like an extended service plan for an automobile – the KPP protection plan doesn’t cover abuse or natural wear and tear. In addition certain components and services are not covered, including: frames, saddle covers, reflectors, paint, grips, dents, tires, tubes, brake shoes/pads, after-purchase modifications, tune-ups, safety checks, wear and tear, accidents.

What about the manufacturer's warranty?

The manufacturer’s warranty should always be used over the KPP plan if possible. Keep it Rolling coverage begins where the manufacturer’s plan ends.

What happens if the bike is sold?

If the bike is sold, no problem. The Keep it Rolling extended protection plan can be easily transferred to the new owner to add value to the bicycle. There is no cost to transfer coverage to a new owner, and the process for transferring coverage is very easy (all it takes is a phone call).

Can't I just offer my own extended service plan?

You probably don’t want to. Selling and servicing extended service plans is highly regulated, with steep underwriting and sales requirements. The Bike Cooperative  underwent a long process vetting a number of administrators and underwriters before introducing our members to Guardsman, who we have worked with for over 10 years. Have questions? We’re happy to answer them.

What happens when claims are rejected?

There should never be any surprises when it comes to claim authorization – the vast majority of claims are accepted when retailers follow the coverage guidelines. For tips on how to submit your claims to ensure approval, give us a call today.

Tips & Resources for Bicycle Retailers

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