Ride Club

 Customer rewards & marketing automation for bike retailers, by bike retailers
Take the work out of reaching (and keeping) your loyal customers with the rewards program that does it for you


Your customers have more shopping choices than ever before
Ride Club makes the choice simple

For bike dealers everywhere, the new retail reality is simple: your customers  have  more choices than ever  when it comes to buying a bike (or accessories). Keep them loyal with Ride Club, the customer loyalty & marketing automation tool built for independent bike dealers.

When independent bicycle retailers are short on time and resources, Ride Club offers a seamless way to re-engage customers, eliminate up-front discounts, and protect your margins – all while creating better relationships with local customers. The best part is you pay for what you need and nothing you don’t. Only want rewards or automated customer follow-up? No problem. Flexility is everything.  

Why our members love Ride Club

It’s Highly Customizable

Increase purchase frequency & create return customers with rewards programs that are easy to customize, track, and utilize. Want a rewards program for specific product categories? Teams? Services? You’ve got it. With Ride Club, customization is simple.

It’s Automatic

Ride club takes the work out of loyalty programs by automating all of the follow-up. Thinking about sending a custom email (or postcard) after a purchase to encourage customer loyalty and a return visit? With Ride Club, it’s already planned 

Send Email & Snail Mail in One Tool

Direct mail is hardly dead. You just need to use it right. With Ride Club, reach out to customers even if you don’t have their email address with automatically timed mailings at great rates.

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More about Ride Club

The customer loyalty program exclusively for members of The Bike Cooperative

With Ride Club, it’s easier than ever to create loyal customers out of local customers with flexible programs that protect your margins, promote repeat purchases, and give your store an edge over the competition. If you’ve been looking for a set-it-and-forget-it marketing tool that’s easy to implement and profit from, you just found it. The co-op makes adding consumer rewards to your strategy painless. 

Ride Club: At a Glance

  • Distribute rewards based on time of year or spending threshold, you decide

  • Have your own ride club or team? Create multiple rewards programs 

  • Set rewards percentage by product type

  • Exclude specific products by SKU & other criteria

  • Automate customer follow-up to send custom email & direct mail

The Ride Club program has significantly improved our ability to be consistent about rewarding customers and re-engaging them to continue to shop with us.” 

Belmont Wheelworks
Belmont, MA

One of the best things we’ve done to improve our business is launch Ride Club Rewards

Rob Koleser
Marty's Reliable Cycle

Utilizing The Bike Cooperative’s Ride Club program has effectively generated repeat business from our loyal rewards members.

Sherri Mann
Summit City Bicycles & Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what members of The Bike Cooperative (and non-members) are asking about Ride Club

Have questions about Ride Club (or the co-op in general)? Our team has answers. But to get you started, take a look at some of the most common questions members and prospective members tend to ask. 

What Point of Sale (POS) systems are compatible with Ride Club?

Ride Club integrates with most commonly used POS systems, and was developed with direct input from our members. There’s a great chance your POS system is compatible. Would you like to find out if your POS integrates with Ride Club? The co-op team can tell you in seconds. Drop us a line today to find out (or use the chat button above)!

Is there a cost for direct mail?

There is,  bits and bytes are free but paper and postage is a different. Each piece that goes out costs $.99. story. The good news is that our co-op’s scale and a strong relationship with our print vendor gets members better rates than many can get across the country. Most shops opt for a Tune Up Postcard (yearly), ‘Thank you’ cards after bike purchases, and timed service-follow ups based on seasonality. 

How customizable is the program?

Honestly, more customizable than many of the alternatives available. Ride Club is a loyalty program for your shop – not your POS vendor, not the bike manufacturers, but YOU. Want a “platinum” tier reward program for teams or members of your club? No problem. Want to add bigger rewards for specific product categories? Updating and tracking rewards is simple – making Ride Club a great way for our members to win back margin and keep customers engaged at the same time. 

Does automated follow-up include surveys?

Yes! With Ride Club, you will get notified automatically via email anytime a customer completes your customer satisfaction and service follow-up surveys.When customers click on the survey button and complete the survey (which includes the NPS question) their answers are fed back into your Ride Club dashboard, enabling you to view your cumulative NPS as well as individual customer responses.

I already have a rewards program, can I just use automated follow-up?

Yes! Flexibility makes Ride Club a great program, because every member has a slightly different ecosystem of tools and software. If you want just a rewards program or just automated follow-up, Ride Club will work for you.

Tips & Resources for Bicycle Retailers

With more retail competition than ever before, bike dealers across the country need to cooperate and get creative to prepare for 2020, 2025, and beyond. From data tools and training resources to consumer financing geared to give your sales team an edge – The Bike Cooperative brings together the scale of America’s bike shops to help them do more. Find resources and tips on all of these area in The Bike Cooperative’s blog.

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