Freedom to Ride

Consumer Financing for Bicycle Retailers

Put more customers on the bike of their dreams with Freedom to Ride, The Bike Cooperative’s exclusive consumer financing solution.  


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Simplify the sales process with bike shop financing

With the Freedom to Ride consumer financing program, members of The Bike Cooperative equip their store associates with a payment option proven to improve sales & put more customers on the bike they really want.

Freedom to Ride is good for everyone: your shop and your customers. Not only does your customer get the flexibility to pay over-time (with great promotional rates), but Freedom To Ride is brand agnostic and exclusive to TBC members. This gives co-op members the power to offer private label financing that empowers your sales associates and promotes your store, not just the brands you carry…

CO-OP Fact: The Average financed transaction for a TBC member using Freedom to Ride is over $1,400. The average approval rate is over 61%

With great 12 month financing rates (and even better buydown specials) and the added convenience of mobile applications that instantly boost approval-rate, Freedom to Ride has proven a winner for members across the country. Ready to sell more with in-store financing for bikes?

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Give Your Sales Team a ‘Granny Gear’

On the road or in the woods – everyone’s wished they had an extra gear from time to time. For bike retailers, excellent consumer financing is the tool that can keep sales moving. With The Bike Cooperative, it’s even better.

IBD’s are experiencing a massive shift. But local expertise and individual care are advantages that can’t be beat by the big-box stores or internet competition. When combined with financing flexibility that makes “new bike day” all the more attainable – TBC members have the extra gear to keep sales numbers climbing.

  • Brand Agnostic & Exclusive: Offer financing for any bike, by any manufacturer and promote your store (not just the brands you carry)

  • Mobile-Ready: Our exclusive ‘Mobile Apply’ feature makes in-store application simple, secure, and straightforward.

  • Close the Sale with Special Offers: Whether it means affording a better bike, saving cash-on-hand, or financing a “need it now” purchase – Freedom To Ride has become a powerful sales motivator for member shops across the country.

Freedom to Ride: Fast Facts

  • The average financed transaction for a TBC Member using Freedom To Ride is over $1400.  The average approval rate is over 61%
  • Cardholders spend $545 more, on average, than the average “big ticket” shopper.
  • 87% of cardholders feel promotional financing makes their large purchases more affordable

“The Freedom to Ride Financing program through The Bike Cooperative is a great way to increase sales and gain satisfied return customers. Unlike the Brand financing offered, customers get a card that is specific to our store, and the rates are lower. This program is simple to use for our busy staff and helps us obtain sales we would normally not get without the financing.”

Heather Rutledge
Aj's Bikes - Valrico, FL

Put more butts on more bikes

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Financing for Bicycle Retailers: Tips & Resources

With more retail competition than ever before, bike dealers across the country are using Freedom to Ride to level the playing field. Have you considered offering a consumer financing program like Freedom to Ride? Dive deeper with the resources below to learn how consumer financing might work for your bike shop, and don’t forget we’re here to answer any questions you have.

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