We align with like-minded groups who support independent bike shops.

Partnering with Retail Toolkit, the leading profit platform, for specialty outdoor industry retailers, to enhance TBC core products and also deliver members-only insights.  Data is critical and a key to a profitable business, and therefore TBC will be building a best in class data benchmarking suite, powered by Retail Toolkit, that will drive value in terms of, education, community and profitability.

Re-launching LEADERSHIP and GEAR training with a regional ROAD SHOW – with The Mann Group –  which will include exclusive TBC content and training. In addition to offering group training to reduce the costs to the individual member, we will be providing scholarship opportunities for members and teams to participate in our Fall training event.

Aligning with PeopleForBikes as they launch RideSpot an app that helps your customers overcome barriers to bicycling and gets more people riding more often.

We support our members also being a part of the National Bicycle Dealers Association by paying for part of their NBDA membership dues. 

Interested in partnering?

We are always looking for groups that share our in our mission. Tell us more about how you empower independent retailers today.