Consumer Financing

Back in 2003, we introduced consumer financing to the bicycle industry. Why? Because we noticed how successful it was for retailers in other sectors.  Consumer financing has been proven to raise retailers’ average selling prices and dramatically ease the process of selling higher-end products, and that’s exactly what it’s done for Bike Cooperative members who utilize our Freedom to Ride™ consumer financing program. 

The Bike Cooperative offers consumer financing for bike stores through Synchrony Financial at incredibly low rates, with the most number of financing terms available, high customer approval rates, and an exclusive private label Freedom to Ride™ card that customers use repeatedly at your store, boosting customer loyalty.

  • Allow your customers to purchase a higher quality bike and the accessories they really want and need, and to pay off these purchases over time.

  • Average sales ticket of over $1,200 (including accessories), more than two times the industry average selling price!

  • Process financing applications through your computer!

Nate Gernert, Summit City Bicycles & Fitness (Fort Wayne, IN)

"The Bike Cooperative’s 12 month financing has increased our units per transaction and overall average ticket amount. The Freedom to Ride Card allows the customer the comfort of making the purchase today and having plenty of time to pay it off. It also generates repeat customers since they now have a line of credit in our store."