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Join the Co-op to benefit from the scale that’s unlocked lower credit card processing rates for hundreds of independent bike dealers across the country.

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Could your card processing fees be lower? 

We can tell you (and there’s literally nothing to lose)

Smart bike shops win margin & create revenue wherever they can. But with more transactions being made with credit cards than cash, card processing is a logical place to start. This is why many members of The Bike Cooperative enroll in our exceptional card processing program first.  

Through the combined negotiating power of $1 Billion in processing volume, the network of cooperatives The Bike Cooperative belongs to grants our members access to industry-leading rates, and we continue to make sure of that. As other credit card processing companies continue to hike rates, our program remains stable – only increasing when  Visa and Mastercard raise their rates (which affects all processors).

Ready to take some margin back from the big banks? 

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Members keep more of every sale

(How TBC card processing works & what it gets you)

The Bike Cooperative’s program with Chase, our partner processor, has negotiated exclusive processing rates that are hard to beat. On top of this, your store gets all the modern bells and whistles every modern retailer should have. 

  • No contracts

  • No hidden fees (seriously)

  • Processing can take many forms, from mobile checkout to wireless terminals

Join the co-op & process payments at scale

Whether you want the co-op to see how competitive your rates are, or you’re shopping for a new payment processor – The Bike Cooperative is here to help. We can look for savings with no obligation or up-front commitment to give you an apples to apples comparison of your current charges versus what your annual savings will be as a member.

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Tips & Resources for Bicycle Retailers

With more retail competition than ever before, bike dealers across the country need to cooperate and get creative to prepare for 2020, 2025, and beyond. From data tools and training resources to consumer financing geared to give your sales team an edge – The Bike Cooperative brings together the scale of America’s bike shops to help them do more. Find resources and tips on all of these area in The Bike Cooperative’s blog

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Membership is currently OPEN for passionate IBD’s focused on growing & thriving with the benefits of our shared scale.