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Big box stores have access to big market research teams dedicated solely to making smarter, proactive decisions. How many locally-owned stores can say the same? That’s why The Bike Cooperative came together to connect members with industry-leading market research to level the playing field. 

Profitable foresight begins with powerful insight

What’s around the bend?

Adding a new product line? Looking to grow? The best businesses look-long. We’ve seen how successful local retailers can be when equipped with the same access to powerful market research as major brands. Unique access to real data by leading market researchers means members can identify opportunities more readily, and strategize for the future more proactively.

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Market analysis commissioned by The Bike Cooperative helps members in numerous ways

Understand your audience

A 2020 study that dove deep into understanding your ideal customer. 

Break down barriers

Learn what’s stopping your customers from buying, again and again.

Generate new ideas

Spark inspiration for new services, product lines, or marketing tactics with a fresh trend report.

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