Matt Seitz


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Matt has been with The Bike Cooperative for 9 years and is responsible for recruiting new members.  He works to find retailers that could benefit from TBC’s resources and demonstrates the value of the programs and services that we provide.

Matt lives in western NH with his wife, two daughters and two Boston terriers.  He spends his free time quoting classic (and maybe only classic to him) movies, running and hanging out with his family.


Name a major challenge of recruiting a bike retailer.

Recruiting retailers is an art and a science.  The biggest challenge is explaining the value that TBC offers and how it can impact their store.  Most retailers have been in business for a long time and have a great system in place for their success.  It’s my job to show them that there are other ways to do things and that TBC can help them out!

Give me a good story about recruiting a retailer that was either a big win, or a let down.

I once spent over 6 years recruiting one member (you know who you are).  I would call every few weeks and built up a great relationship with one of the managers, but the timing was never right.   Finally after many years (and many phone calls) – the stars aligned and joined to use our programs.  Since that time they have been a great member and have gotten a LOT of value from membership.  I think they would even admit that they should have joined years ago!

You and your wife both work from home. What is your favorite thing to do to annoy her while she works?

Oh man, I love to make faces and awkwardly dance off camera while she is on a video call.

As an avid bird watcher, what is one the one bird that you would LOVE to spot?

First off, it’s called birding.   Second off – I’m not sure if there is ONE bird that is my holy grail at this point.  What I can say is that I would love to travel to other parts of the country and see some cool birds of the South or North West.

You and your wife are competitive runners. Is there competition between the two of you?

My wife, Kristen, is an excellent runner and qualified for the 2022 Boston Marathon (something that I have never done)!  That being said – I still beat her in road races!