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How to Choose the Best Payment Processor for Your Bike Shop

It seems like every week a credit card breach rocks the headlines.  The truth is: they happen for a wide variety of reasons. It goes without saying, If you’re operating a business accepting credit cards in 2019 you should be aware of your options.

At the end of the day, the simplest way to get paid, stay safe, and save money is to work with a payment processing solution that covers every base. Today, cloud based solutions are replacing the bulky and expensive servers of yesteryear – and many businesses are saving money in the process. 

More customers are using cards than ever before,  so choosing the right payment processor is critical

In 2017 alone,  over 123.5 billion cards were used to pay for over $6.48 trillion in purchases. With these numbers in mind – it’s no surprise that fraud continues to be a problem, but when it comes to saving time and money – choosing the right solution can be a decision that pays off for every kind of business. Is your POS compatible with what the future’s bringing? 

Is your shop updating your payment processing system? Experts say: Consider the cloud.

When it comes to card payments, our advice is to trust an expert, which is another reason The Bike Coop partners with industry leaders like CardConnect. 

Looking to save on payment processing and stay secure? Start by understanding your needs with this helpful guide by CardConnect Chief Security Officer Rush Taggart.

In this resource, Rush covers what you should look for in a POS system that can make the most of the latest secure payment technology.

Download the PDF (5 Minute Read)

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