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Branding Your Bike Shop: Getting Started

Branding can differentiate your business locally

With giant household names dominating the conversation about “brand” –  it’s easy to assume that the average local business can get away without one (because at one time, you could). This couldn’t be further from the truth anymore. 

Why a strong brand is critical

Because In 2019, it’s easier than ever before for your customer to comparison shop in just a few keystrokes. So, are you putting your best foot forward? Bottom line: You’ve got to give people a reason to choose you over the competition, without a unique brand – that can be a challenge. It’s your identity, your look, your voice, and your personality – all wrapped up into one.  Most of all – it needs to be 100% authentic.
Start setting your shop apart by figuring out how you talk about it with  Why Your Bike Shop Needs a Mission Statement (Because You’re More Than Just a Store) , the first article in an ongoing series focused on providing growth tips, strategies, and best practices. 

Already have a solid local brand?

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