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7 Ways to Add Value for Your Customers

This new decade will see significant shifts in the way businesses interact with their customers. Technology will be introduced that alters daily operations. Customers will expect additional benefits and services. Consumers will look to local businesses. And the market will expect shopping and transacting to become increasingly easier. To see more about trends for 2020 see our article: 9 Small Business Trends to Expect in 2020.

With all this change, you need to focus on improving the experience for your customers. Read below to see the best tips on boosting your product and/or service offering. 

Add to the ease of doing business

Adding to the ease of doing business is key to adding value to your offering.

In 2020, customers want everything to be easy. They want to be able to open an app on their phone, order something, and have it delivered to them at the curb a few hours later. They want it to be simple, easy, and transparent. They basically want businesses to read their minds. 

As you think about the customer, think about how to make your sales process more simple and customer-centered. In a world where convenience is king, do what you can to align with this mentality. If you have an app, make sure to use it! If you don’t, think of other ways you can simplify and capture sales.

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Customers are looking for speed

In addition to making the sales process easier for customers, make it faster. People don’t just want things soon. They want it all NOW.

It used to be acceptable to take weeks to ship a customer a product. They now expect expedited shipping (and they expect it to be free). While this is impossible for most small businesses, think about how to show your customers that they are your top priority. Streamline the process to cut out unnecessary steps. For example, add staff to pack orders overnight during your busy time to get orders out the door quickly.

Customers calling or coming into a business want to find what they’re looking for efficiently. Train your staff to be prompt and proactive.

Increase your value (not your price)

Now this may seem impossible. But think about it…

Customers demand a better product for the same price. So be constantly altering your offering to ensure top quality. Stay price competitive with the market. Ask customers what aspects of the product or service they value and then improve that to make sure their perceived value aligns with your offering. I

Consider adding a free gift with purchase to increase the perceived value of the shopping experience. Remember: by doubling down on customer service in simple ways like this, the value of the entire experience is elevated.

Consider add-on services

In addition to making your process easier, faster, and better, consider adding new services to your business. While many shops are now offering repair lessons – do what fits your market.Think about customer pain points — or even ask them directly what else they need. If you can, add features like the ability to order online and pick up in the store, and (if relevant) the ability to schedule future service appointments to keep their bike in tip-top shape.

Customer Service
Evolve your customer service

As product and service offers continue to evolve, so too must your customer service. Customers choosing to visit your store expect a great experience. Don’t let them walk out the door wishing they had just gone online. Make the interaction positive and easy.

Partner with other businesses

In a time where markets are shifting and malls are changing, consider being part of the retail renaissance. Invite other businesses to occupy space within your store or lease out unused space to another business. Cultivate a collaborative space that customers want to visit. You may have seen restaurants partnering with breweries for special events – how can your store do a similar collaboration? Bikes and beers? Cranks & Coffee? Get creative!

Stay current
Keep up on changes to the market

In addition to working on a faster and easier process, make sure you’re in touch with changes in the market. As major lifestyle shifts occur for your key demographics, make sure you’re altering the offering accordingly. If travel spending is up, sell more travel-oriented products. If more people in your target customer age group are buying homes, factor that in. Keep up with trends.

As the market evolves and customer expectations shift, be sure your store is staying relevant. Remember: you do not exist in a vacuum. By making your sales process faster, easier, and more customer-oriented, you’ll boost the value of your offering.