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How to Sell More Bikes with In Store Financing

For some customers, a store credit card with a great promotional rate can mean the difference between jumping into a hobby with a simple monthly payment and spending every dollar of their spare cash. Still, other customers often approach financing with fear and uncertainty. 

Many of the 300+ bike shops The Bike Cooperative works with across America have a consumer financing program. While many of them use our Freedom to Ride card, others use dealer programs. Regardless of the option chosen, consumer financing can be a powerful sales tool for independent bike dealers – but tools take a bit of training.

Could your sales team be utilizing your store financing more effectively? 

In-store financing can be an incredible tool to get more customers on more bikes. But Is your team pitching it well?

In Financing Simplified: Your Guide to Talking With Customers About Consumer Financing, Snychrony walks you through the most effective ways to sell with consumer financing

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The Bike Cooperative exists to help Independent Bike Dealers

Have a question about membership? Consumer financing? Or what else we do for shops like yours? We welcome you to reach out, we love to talk. 


As a Business Consultant for Bike Shops across the country, Matt is available to talk to independent bike dealers about overcoming their challenges every day. 

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Could your store benefit from better financing offers? Cheaper access to Synchrony’s Freedom to Ride program is just one benefit of co-op membership