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How to Answer the Most Common Hesitations to In-Store Financing

These days, the concept of a subscription is a comfortable one. From our music and movies to the food we eat and the clothes we wear, subscription services run the gamut – and a reasonable monthly payment for the products and services we need is an easy ask. 

So it’s no surprise that in-store consumer financing has become a popular option for retailers and consumers alike  especially with more lenders offering promotional rates that allow customers to pay little (or no) interest on their purchase – while getting the bike they’ve wanted for a low monthly payment. 

Does your sales team encounter hesitation when offering bicycle financing? 

Synchrony – the provider of The Bike Cooperative’s exclusive Freedom to Ride consumer financing program has compiled  expert suggestions to help your sales team work with customers who have questions or concerns about in-store financing. 

In this resource, Snychrony answers the 8 most common questions hesitant customers ask about consumer financing.

Download the PDF (8 Minute Read)


As a Business Consultant for Bike Shops across the country, Matt is available to talk to independent bike dealers about overcoming their challenges every day. 

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